Google Chrome Screenshots

Google announced their browser Google Chrome to be available on Tuesday, but their download page and tour was already partly available at just now, as Uval in the forum noticed. While the download itself didnโ€™t work when I tried, I was able to extract some screenshots, from the frontpage but also the YouTube videos. And while the product tour videos themselves seemed to require a special group membership at YouTube, the video still previews are public and you can paste the video identifier into a URL like this one to see more high quality stills.

The serviceโ€™s logo.

Screenshots of Google Chrome from the serviceโ€™s frontpage.

The auto-completion of the so-called โ€œomniboxโ€ address bar.

The homepage showing 9 thumbnailed pages to access, along with more pointers in the side-bar, to appear โ€œ[e]very time you open a new tabโ€, as Google says.

This screenshot shows Google Calendar and a dialog reading โ€œCreate shortcuts in the following locationsโ€, listing Desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch Bar.

Zooming in on the browser tabs.

The Google Chrome task manager, e.g. to monitor if certain sites cause memory problems.

A screen showing the โ€œGoogle incognitoโ€ mode for allegedly more private browsing.

Another auto-completion example.

A star near the address input bar lets you bookmark a page, apparently.

A look into the settings menu.

Google in their tour says with Chrome โ€œyou see your downloadโ€™s status at the bottom of your current window.โ€

On a related note, I asked Scott McCloud โ€“ creator of the comic book introducing Google Chrome โ€“ some questions. Scott now put up a mini-FAQ on his site. He says heโ€™d been working on the comic off and on โ€œfrom March through August.โ€ On the question of who came up with the visualizations, he says there was some โ€œrough whiteboard sketching during the interviewsโ€ but that most were his though. Asked about how many of these comics were printed, Scott says it was just a limited run, and that he didnโ€™t sign any yet. He adds this project was โ€œa big challengeโ€ considering he had โ€œnever done such a thing before.โ€

[Images courtesy of Google. Thanks Uval and Scott!]

The discussion continues in the existing forum thread.

[By Philipp Lenssen | Origin: Google Chrome Screenshots]


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