My series of introduction: N°1 “Microsoft”


Microsoft has a great history , let’s get to see how much she changed.

Microsoft was founded on April 4,1975 By Bill Gates and Paul Allen,it has a lot of products: Windows such as Windows xp,Windows Live Services such as Hotmail and messenger, MSN which is known every where,Microsoft Office, The XBOX 360,Windows Mobile,Zune,Microsoft Servers,Developer Tools,Microsoft Expression,Business Solutions.

In the present,Microsoft is developing it’s new OS “Windows 7”,trying to compete with Apple’s new “ Mac OS X Leopard ” and it’s in the way OS “Snow Leopard”.

The company is also developing it’s XBOX , Windows Mobile  and it’s Windows Live services as well .

Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo!Inc. so many times but Yahoo! Declined.

In the future, if Microsoft will really work hard (like:Apple,no offence but I steel like Apple even that I’m using Microsoft products.), I think it’ll be more popular than any other products.

Now , My opinion : What can Microsoft do more to compete with the others such as Apple,Yahoo!,AOL…?

– It can develop it’s search engine known as “Live Search”,to be honest ; I like it’s images search, and the way they show up , but ; to search content or website,Google is steel the leader.

– It’s OS “Windows Vista” is quite good,not too good but not too bad,I hope “Windows 7” will be better and will fix Vista’s problems,from what I’ve heard,it looks that it’s going to be a good one.

I think this is how I can describe Microsoft in a simple,small way so every one can understand and read without getting bored.

Hope you liked it and see you in the next introduction.



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