What e-mail provider should I use ?

Hello , So these days I’m so confused on which e-mail provider should I use ?

Can you help me by voting please ? you can say why should i use that in a comment.




4 thoughts on “What e-mail provider should I use ?

  1. i use Gmail for my usual working on mails that i send and receive mails in most effective way

    Hotmail just for messenger it’s ok because most of my friend have accounts on that network and they don’t want to change to Gtalk

    Gmail is not just a e-mail provider there are many features distinguish it for example : easy , fast , more storage , reliable , professional and you can find another services on google you can use it by one account

    in one word it’s amazing !

    since i used Gmail my way to check my e-mail and sending mails changed forever

  2. i don’t think so … you know a large company like Google do as best as they can to secure accounts on gmail

    any way there is no e-mail provider secure 100 % even Hotmail

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