The cool “Twitter Mail”

Today , I’ve been so exited to be done with

exams,so I’m back to my Tech world.

While I was surfing the Windows Live

website,I found an amazing Tip about

using Twitter with Hotmail or any

other e-mail provider.

Go to Twitter Mail and sign in with

your Twitter ID and Password , it will

show you an e-mail address , this e-mail

address is only for you,add it to your

contacts,and each tie you’re using mail

you can send an e-mail to that e-mail

address and the body message will show

up in your Twitter updates.

It also sends  to you an e-mail with

@name if somebody replies to you.

I already tested it and it really works

good,so give it a try.



2 thoughts on “The cool “Twitter Mail”

  1. ما كنت أفهم شو هوة التويتر مظبوط يعني اوكي هو تدوين مصغر بس كيف وشلون بعرف انو عن طريق الموبايل ياترى هي مجانية انو ببعت مسج ع رقم موبايل خاص بيعود بينشر و كتبت لكل اللي عم يتابعني ع تويتر

    وشو بخصوص هالخدمة ماكتير فهمتا

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