Yahoo! gets better with updates

Hey guys !

I just knew that Yahoo! finally added updates from several sites like Twitter , and I really like it.

If you want to add yours follow these steps :

1- Go to and sign in with your Yahoo!ID.

2- Go to updates Capture 

3- Go to Share more Capture2

4- From many services,add the ones that you use :


5- Now you can see your friends updates like they an see yours in Yahoo!Profiles main page or in your Yahoo!Mail new Welcome page :


Now,enjoy it and I hope you liked it 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Yahoo! gets better with updates

  1. I don’t think , that yahoo is a good idea , Randa

    It’s all about open source now my dear


    Yahoo – MSN – With Microsoft will this get down one day!!!!

    The world want to live as free as I type this damn letters to you

    Linux Google and Gmail , That’s our future , that’s what I’m talking about!! Randa

    please read : LinuxAc,org

    Live free or die!!

    best luck , have a nice day


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