Me today !!!!in a blog post :D


So,I saw that a lot of people were trying to know why this is my personal site and not my wordpress blog,well that’s easy.

WordPress has no free CSS and that’s the major reason,webs does have free CSS which is amazing,beside of that I love WordPress a lot and I won’t let go of my wordpress site.

Now,if I’ll get the CSS option I may think of going back to WordPress because of lot of stuff.

However,I’ll talk now about the bad news,I had English test yesterday and it SUCKS litterly !!!!!!!!

It was a diagram about American pre-university system and he didn’t know how to put the questions,it was so confusing,so,I did my best but I’m not sure about the result s.

I do still have more tests ,tomorrow and Thursday .The major shock is the B.E.M exam on June 9th (this year),and I have to pass it if I wanna graduate to High School next year.

So,that’s it for today,see you soon.



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