BEM paragraph

Hello guys !

It has been a long time since I wrote something here,so I decided before I’ll give my paper to my English teacher as a souvenir, I’ll post the paragraph that I wrote in my BEM exam ( my national exams which I have to pass to graduate to high school “Secondary School” ).

Well, here we go…

What rights do they have?

In many places on our planet, children are being abused.The number of mistreated children is growing up every day.

Some people defend these children and their rights but others don’t.Either because they don’t care about them or because they say that they don’t  know what are the children’s rights .

A child needs a home,a family,a loving and caring society.To live, he needs freedom, education so he can create and plan for his future.His parents have to feed him, dress him and take care of him.His society have to protect him and make sure he feels like one of them.These are a few of their rights and the most important ones.

In the other hand, you can protect and help a child by contacting the authorities if you see a child being mistreated.”

                                                                                 Written by: Randa 

Hope you liked it,please let me know what you really think 😀 .

Love you all and See you soon 😛 .


6 thoughts on “BEM paragraph

  1. яάη∂α says:

    I did actually write it by myself 🙂 and I got 19 😀
    Thank you for the comment ^_^

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