Nokia 5800 XM or iPhone 3GS ?

Hi lovers !!

Well, 3months ago I putted a poll in my website (This one) to know what’s your suggestion about getting a new MP(mobile phone 😛 ), and the results are here 😀 …

77% of people voted for getting an iPhone (3G or 3GS)

20% of people voted for getting the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

3% voted for other but they didn’t mention it.

Well, I want to get an iPhone 3GS but I love Nokia’s products,so I’m kind of  confused.Here’s what I think of both of them, because eventually I’ll get one of them.

iPhone 3G S:

What I like about it :

  • – Its web browser is so cool specially with the full screen browsing.
  • – Its keyboard is amazing,while writing an e-mail or searching for a contact,it’s the best keyboard ever.
  • – Its look and feel is amazing, it’s thin and has a glossy look (From the style perspective).
  • – It gives you many possibilities with its apps and the new 3.0 firmware .
  • – It has photo and video recording with a quite good quality…

What I hate or I want in it:

  • – Its camera needs to have better quality specially for shooting videos.
  • – It needs to support SD card for ore storage if someone like me 32GB isn’t enough for him/her .
  • – Its browser doesn’t support Flash which too bad for YouTube and Viddler lovers like me 😉 .
  • – It needs to be unlocked and jailbroken to be used here in Algeria and I hate jailbreaking electronics 😦 .
  • – It doesn’t support wallpapers (Not talking about when it’s locked).

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic :

What I like about it:

  • – Its look is so stylish O_0
  • – Its home page look.
  • – The support for wallpapers and even themes.
  • – Having a stylus with it.
  • – Its amazing camera with awesome photo and video quality.
  • – Its menu is familiar and clean.
  • – Its web browser supports Flash and it’s fast.
  • – It has an option for an SD card which is awesome.
  • – You don’t have to unlock it or jailbreak it to have it here in Algeria since Nokia has many stores here 😀 .

What I hate about it:

  • – Bad keyboard compared to iPhone’s one.
  • – It’s way thicker than the iPhone :s .

Conclusion :

Until I get one of them, I’m in favor of the Nokia even that I was and I’m still a huge iPhone fan and supporter.

Your turn : what do you think ?

I really would appreciate your opinion specially if you were a Nokia user and now you have or tried the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS.

Thanks and I’ll see you soon.



14 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 XM or iPhone 3GS ?

  1. I’ve just a simple iPhone (1st generation) but i will change it for nothing except the 3GS, I’m simply in love with so many applications.

  2. яάη∂α says:

    I totally agree with you :).Apps made iPhone much better than any other mobile.Thanks for passing by 😀

  3. hi, just to mention that the iPhone 3G or 3Gs has support for flash even in safari browser or in the youtube app. and the 3Gs now loads videos without requiring the youtube app.

    and for wallpaper sure u can choose yours!

    I used the iPhone 3G and 3G with the firmware 3.0 and it’s awesome, there’s everything u need! anything has an app.

    it rocks, just get an iPhone 🙂 but am not sure about mobile networks in Algeria since they have no 3G support for now. And as u know the iPhone without Internet is nothing more than a simple iPod and a machine that pass calls 😥

    Good Luck 🙂

  4. oops just to mention, by flash I mean VIDEOS and not the platform and the flash application!

    it’s obvious that u talking about videos, and this is FULLY supported! flash apps for now are not.

    (I heard that NEDJMA is about to start commercializing iPhone is that true???)

  5. яάη∂α says:

    Yes I was talking about videos :D.
    About Nedjma, yes there’s rumors about that since they’re planning to lunch the 3G connection here ^_^. Since I’m a long Nedjma client and a huge fan of it, I guess I need to wait until they bring it 🙂 It’ll be shipper with a contract with them.
    Thanks a lot you really helped me.

  6. yep! you should wait for nedjma to bring it there so no jailbreaking is needed.

    wot seriously sucks on the iPhone is that it’s not multitask! u can’t launch 2 apps at the same time 😦 (except for the iPod)! but they did a walk around in safari on the OS3.0, it starts the youtube app when u launch videos from a webpage and it saves it, so u find the same webpage u were browsing.

    Viva iPhone (I myself prefer the HTC touch pro ^^ but the iPhone is just about FUN )

  7. Hi
    I think, with all respect to Nokia, but i think you are comparing between totally different things. Iphone, as i use, is more than a mobile, it is mobile+Internet tablet+ipod + store of unlimited apps. Yes i agree that its video is too bad, about other drawbacks you’ve mentioned, i think all are solved either with apps or Hacks. you can read many reviews and judge by yourself .
    I’ve tried my cousin’s 5800, really if you try a simple touch to iphone’s screen you will never forget how it feels, just do this, then try to start from beginning and take your decision 🙂

    good luck

  8. яάη∂α says:

    I know that very well,actually I’m convinced to try it at a store and since I’m already a huge fan of the iPhone and I think I’ll have it 😉
    Thanks a lot for your huge opinion, I’m so honored 😀

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