Yesterday’s trip

Hi my dears !

Yesterday, we went to do some shopping then we went to pass by my aunt to check her out, because she’s sic. However, I made this video which is actually made of several videos in several times and places.

Three things I want to clear up before you watch the video:

1st thing, I apologize for the crappy voice and the secondary voices, I couldn’t stop my dad from talking either could I with the wind !!!

2nd thing, the video isn’t really in high resolution because it was taking with my 1.3MP phone’s camera.

3rd thing, I couldn’t make anymore videos or take anymore photos because my phone’s battery went down, too bad.

Now, enjoy these photos 1st 😉 :

 SP_A1226 SP_A1227 SP_A1229 SP_A1230 SP_A1231 SP_A1232 SP_A1233 SP_A1234 SP_A1235 SP_A1236 SP_A1237 SP_A1238 SP_A1239 SP_A1240

and now, here’s the video :

I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, because I’ve got a lot of news to talk about.

See ya guys.



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