New : Yahoo! updating its services

Yahoo! is updating its services such as Mail, Messenger and search with new cool features :

For Yahoo!Mail : A Streamlined Design, A Better Way to Attach and Share Photos and More Social Features.

For Yahoo!Messenger: High-quality video calls, New “Y! Updates” view of your contact list, All-new Yahoo! Insider, New icons in the IM window and  New ways to sort your contacts.

and in addition to these, an updated Yahoo! search results page:

a new Yahoo!Mobile page:

Finally, Yahoo! acquired, the Arab portal for 85 million dollars or more.

I think that Yahoo! is taking major steps into the market, and as a Yahoo! loyal user, I can’t wait to see the updates.

Now the big question is: What do you guys think ?

Resources: Yahoo!Mail, Yahoo!Messenger, Yahoo! updates it’s services, Yahoo! buying Maktoob.



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