Yahoo! meme: The new polished Twitter

Yahoo!Meme is a service that has been released weeks ago in English.

Here’s a video tour and review of it:

If you need any help or you want to try it out, let me know 🙂



2 thoughts on “Yahoo! meme: The new polished Twitter

  1. 😉 finally you are running windows 7 XD

    I seriously don’t get it right, but… why would I keep using yahoo meme, twitter already has all this and more, and the fact that it shows large images and videos makes iit so difficult to brows and see other’s memes!!

    well, maybe I’ll be used to it some day 🙂

    don’t forget to send a post on tick.martani, just send an email to there ok and include [via @ranousha] so tweeps can see ur profile 🙂

  2. яάη∂α says:

    LoL, YEAH !!!!! I’m so happy because I’m using it 😀 <<< Windows7 😉
    For Yahoo!meme, I find it better than twitter, and besides that, each one prefers a product :). Maybe, you'll get used to it :P.
    Yes, I will 😀
    Thanks a lot for passing by 🙂

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