My interview with Ovi!

So, yeah, I got interviewed by Surya from the Ovi Blog. The interview was posted today here Open-mouthed smile.

I’m still shocked in a good way, I’m so honored and probably this is only the start Winking smile. I have to dream big and put an aim in front of my eyes so I can work hard to achieve it.

Anyways, it was an amazing experience filled with fun, I loved it! I actually wrote the interview while I was revising for the exams and by the time I finished it, I was done with them. Love multitasking!

So, thank you so much for Surya and the Ovi team for giving me this chance and communicating with me like they knew me forever, may God bless you allRed heart. I wish you all the luck and I can’t wait to see what’s new Smile.

Read the Ovi Blog and follow them on Twitter too.

Best Regard.


5 thoughts on “My interview with Ovi!

  1. Congratulations! with this big move in your life i really like it , its so nice for u and for all of us because u make us believing that we can do whatever we want to do .. thenx randa have nice day
    and good luck with ur exam and in your life .

  2. яάη∂α says:

    Thank you so much!!!
    I’m honored with your words 😀 Thank you for your support and may God bless you ^^

  3. ranousha says:

    ma petite ,soit tu parles normal dans tes vidéo soit tu ne parles pas , y’a que emmmm EUUUUHH ,ahhh ,gyyyys ,c’est dégoûtant
    c’est une remarque a prendre en considération si tu veux être

  4. ranousha says:

    ps: j’espère que tu n’est pas du genre qui publie les commentaires positives et supprime les commentaires négatives

  5. яάη∂α says:

    Non je ne suis pas le genre.
    Mais qu’est ce que tu ne trouve pas normal dans mes vidéos?? Je ne peux pas comprendre!!
    Tu as un point de vue et je le respecte bien 🙂 Je vais essayer prochainnement de moins faire EUUUUH, emmm….etc

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