After exactly 2years, most of everything changed.

So, how am I supposed to start this blog post?! I have no idea!


Hello everyone, old and new readers, those who’ve been following my blog for so long, waiting for me to write again, those who followed me on twitter and kept asking when I’d go back to blogging, all of you, I say thank you Smile.

Finally, after 2 years exactly from this disastrous situation, I’m here right now writing you this blog post. You’ll know what happened during those two years and what’ll happen to this blog after this long time.

As usual, if you want to keep reading, please click on more (I warn you, it’s too long and it will waste a long time of yours), if not, I thank you for even checking this blog post and for reading this far Smile.

Okay then, first things first, where am I after 2years of absence and what happened to me?

  • Don’t worry, in fact, thank you so much for caring to even worry about me and for encouraging me in every possible way you used.

I did get my BAC in June 2013 Open-mouthed smile and am now a student in University of Constantine 2 in the department of Computer Science. And as of this moment, I’m an official 2nd year student planning to specialize next year in Software Engineering.

As I left this blog and moved in with my uncle and his daughters, I was kept away from my family (the hardest thing ever), my life, my PC, my phone, my world at whole. You can’t imagine the hell I went through no matter how many words I’d use to describe it. So many things happened, so many things I was exposed too, so many truths I realized and the only reason why I’m still here writing this, is because I had to shut down my emotions during my 2nd BAC year; no smiling, no laughing, no happiness no sadness, no crying, no feeling at all. Just music, that’s how I got thru the year, because if I let myself feel even for the tiniest bit I’d crack and give up completely.

Anyways, I went thru it, with the help of my cousins (who are 4 girls by the way ^_^ God bless them, living with them I knew the cousins I didn’t know before, so a big thank you to them for going thru this with me and actually putting up with my mood swings and craziness XD) and a new friend (and a cousin), without him I wouldn’t be able to survive and have confident in school, thank you!

I signed up for the university and got accepted right away (I graduated 1st in my school’s department of Mathematics so no problem in my grades “despite of the doubts people around me had…”).

A brand new me entered the world of college, that too shy girl, the one who’d never stand up for herself, who’d always wait for everyone to disappear so she could leave school, who’d never lift her eyes from the floor no matter what others threw her way, who had never ever talked to boys in her class, has been transformed. Everything changed about me, except for the “too shy” thing, that was one special thing about me I couldn’t leave behind, after all, what does a girl have if she doesn’t have her shyness? I also realized a deadly thing, a truly honest, caring, gentle and friendly person can’t survive in this world, you have to have some kind of predator inside of you to be able to live, because otherwise, people will think you’re either whining or being a hypocrite and you have other reasons to be that nice and friendly.

  • Anyways, I had an amazing 1st year at the university, made so many new friends (including boys, surprisingly!) and I realized that not everyone is close minded like I thought. I also had many experiences that made me realize other aspects in me that I never thought I had, and I’m still weighing the pros and cons of these experiences up to this moment.
  • Finally, I finished 1st year in university by ranking with the top three in the 1st years ^_^. I’m proud of myself but not to the point of satisfaction, I keep telling myself “ this is not the best I can do, I can do much better”, and I’m going to keep working hard according to it Winking smile.

And now, to the technology part:

  • First of all, just because I’ve been cut out from the world and had no internet access nor the ability to touch my perfect phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 at the time *_*), doesn’t mean I had no idea what was going on and what’s up in the tech world, after all a geek has her way around rules Winking smile.
  • This year, I finally bought a laptop, I need it for college, which is what I mainly use it for (besides watching K-Dramas at night… which is another story). And this week I got the Samsung Galaxy S5, after 2years with my S2, and I finally can see and experience what everyone is talking about (Android KitKat 4.4 *_*), and I’m in love with it, I’ll be writing a review this week about it and about the most noticeable changes to performance especially with TouchWiz still being the main experience (not sure if I’m liking it this time).
  • And yes, I’m still doing experiments on my old phones and PC, as I used to do in the past, I just don’t share my experiments anymore (things need to change now).
  • Yep, I’m still in love with e-books and I still read, just not as much as I used too because I ten to get tired and my eyes hurt from staring too much at the screen.

My new obsessions…

  • Too many: manga, anime, anything Asiatic and especially anything Korean. I can’t describe how obsessed I am right now (and since last year to be exact) with Korean food, music Red heart and Drama. I’m obsessed to the point where most of my music library is k-pop, all my current dramas are Korean and I learned how to read and write Korean language (I still have to work on the speaking part regarding honorifics and the vocabulary). Yep. That’s a new side to me that I never knew I had, and I actually love it. I can’t think of anything better than to know another culture and be interested in it and actually love it.

Finally, to the moment of truth, what’s going to happen to the blog?

  • I had so many options going through my mind these past weeks, and two of them were obvious ones and one of them should be the decision: either delete the blog, and stop blogging completely, or try harder and make time for it and do what I love the most. What I ended up choosing is the second option: I’ll try to make time for it and schedule posts and make an effort to make a comeback, I’m not going to give up that easily Smile with tongue out. After August 22nd, 2012, I had no desire to blog, design or make a vlog, and with time passing by, it was just easier to stop trying, but when you stop doing what you love in life, it tends to get more depressing and you start living with no goal or inspiration. That what this blog means to me. Everything.
  • So, I’m going to have to kick myself and push myself to blog more, make vlogs and get into the whole atmosphere again. So please, be patient while I do this Smile.


Phew, that was long! ^_^

Thank you so much for reading this, and for your support, if you have any ideas, suggestions or you just want to say hi, leave me a comment or you can find me everywhere on the net Smile.

See you so soon Winking smile



6 thoughts on “After exactly 2years, most of everything changed.

  1. Waw from 22/08/2012 we are 22/08/2014
    you finally return to us dear sweet Randa
    I Will be your most Active fan Don’t worry
    Keep up the Good work like this that all

  2. oh my god girl what hapenned to u thenx god that u r ok honestly i really like u . u have much oh resistence to kick this world anywy happy bach of u and welcome back randa by the way i have 2 years study on skikda and 1 year study in jijel anywy WB again god bless you

  3. i need a book if u can halp me its called the art of simplicity or فن البساطة but it not free and i really want it so if u will find a link to dowsnload it i will be thenkfol for u

  4. Thank you so much for reading this and for being awesome ^^ Really?! 2 in skikda and 1 in jijel? why is that? what do you study? 🙂

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