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My favorite things to do in quarantine.

Hello sunshines~

Hope you are staying safe and holding up well during these tough times.

Everyone is trying their best to cope with it, finding new hobbies, new ways to do things, fun activities to spend time doing online with friends and family.

In this blog post, I’m going to share a few of my favorite things (new and old alike) to do during quarantine, some help keep me educated/informed, some I enjoy doing for pure fun, and some are just my favorite things to do in general and which I found time for in quarantine.

So read along for a few of my favorite things to do lately, maybe you can find something here to try out for yourself or with friends and family! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. Expanding my knowledge
    In my case, because of quarantine, I have more free time on my hands. I use some of it to learn more about important things. For instance, I learn about Religions in general, and mine (Islam) in particular. Learning about different subjects that impact the world is also very useful and helpful, for example, reading about science, medicine, the ocean, history… etc
    Being an educated, well informed individual, helps you understand others and things around you. You can be more empathetic and helpful and form well informed ideas and contribute to society much better.
    But, as you choose to learn about those things, make sure the source is objective, clear and has valid arguments to back them up. You need to be able to form your own opinions, and not have others’ opinions as yours just because they said so.
  2. Pursuing my hobbies
    Some of my free time goes here as well, I mean it has to, especially after graduating college and postponing a lot during school years.
    This is an important time for me, as in it I can let my creativity go wild. No judgement, no strict schedule or way to do things.
    I have been enjoying this one a lot, for me, my favorite hobbies that I have been trying to ease back into slowly are: painting, reading, writing (blogging!!) and dancing. Although, dancing in no longer fun for me, so am not pressuring myself to do it anymore, instead am trying out new things! (Next point ๐Ÿ˜)
  3. Trying out new things
    Speaking of trying new things! Experiment with new hobbies, try new foods that you’ve never tasted before, or read a genre that you’ve been wanting to try but are afraid. Try new workout routines. There’s something for everyone, and you might be surprised at what you’ll find yourself enjoying. I’ve been trying cooking more, especially Korean dishes, and I love it! Also reading about psychology! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. Playing more games!
    I mean, am a geeky woman, so, this had to be included ๐Ÿ˜….
    My current favorite games are Warframe and Teamfight Tactics (or TFT). I love them so much.
    I might get a bit more into detail in the next post (my recent favorites), but basically Warframe is a free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game which has an amazing community & devteam. The stories within the game, the quality of the game is on point. I know people would compare it to other games in the genre, but to me Warframe is the best, that’s just my opinion.
    As for TFT, it is an auto battler game developed and published by Riot Games. The game uses character assets from League of Legends and is based on Dota Auto Chess, where players compete online against seven other opponents by building a team to be the last one standing.
    I actually played it only once when it launched back in 2019 and it wasn’t my cup of tea (it was still new, the gameplay was weird, server lags…etc).
    However, this year, and to be exact in the past two months, I have been playing it non-stop and I adore it. As someone who appreciates LoL (League of Legends) and no longer plays it but still absolutely emmersed in the world, Lore and everything League related, I find TFT both entertaining, fullfilling and makes my brain tick, it is definitely one of my favorite things to dicover this year (I also farmed for K/DA All Out Kai’Sa Prestige Edition with TFT, and I have never had a better experience with a pass or a game mode in my two years of being on League than recently).
  5. Studying more!
    Okay, don’t be shocked by this. I am the type of person who likes to study different things when I can. So for example, study a new language! Whether it’s a coding langage or a literal new language, try it. Or study something you always wanted to explore more but you didn’t have time for.
    For me, as an example, I’m studying Spanish, Korean and C#, once I finish those I’m planning on upgrading my coding skills a bit more.
  6. Spending more time with my loved ones
    This is an obvious one, for obvious reasons, especially under the current circumstances.
    Every moment you spend with your loved ones, is a precious and priceless one. So always remember to let them know how much they mean to you, and show it in action not just words, because actions speak louder than words.
    Also please be safe and do it online when you can, especially if you’re checking in with elderly family members.
  7. Meditate on current the current situation and what we should be learning from this whole experience
    As someone who likes to think things over, 100 times a day, I’d like to always think, that in everything that happens there’s a lesson and a good side to things. So looking at this whole quarantine situation, I’d like to always remember how as humans we stood togeather, we all experienced something at the same time and tried to help each other in one way or another. How because of this quarantine, some of us got closer to their friends and families, and started cherishing them more and more. How we got to know who our real friends are, and that even though life seems ongoing forever, a simple virus that only God knows where it came from, changed our perspectives (hopefully) completely, and now we know that our priorities are diefferent and what is important and what is not.

If you have read up to this point, thank you and congratulations ๐Ÿ˜…. I am known for writing long articles (and messages, and instagram descriptions ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™ˆ) and I think that’s one of my skills actually. No but seriously, I genuinly appreciate it ๐Ÿ’œ.

So what are some of your favorite things to do in quarantine? Have you adobted new hobbies, learned new skills? Or even took some time to breath and remember that you need rest and care as well?

Stay safe sweets and live your best lives and enjoy it~


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