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February/March favorites: Journaling, quotes and books!

Hello guys!

This favorites blog post will be the combination of the last two months’ (This month’s favorites will be coming soon.), since I didn’t have time to really do anything besides getting better (anxiety+ulcer are not a good combination…) and trying to make some advancements with my thesis (which is a serious stress source for me).

This time, we’ll have a bit of a change with books, some nice music, quotes and musicals!I want to say thank you, to everyone who commented on the last post, those who sent me private DMs on Instagram/Twitter (they were quite a few to my surprise!) and for the retweets and shares. Your positive and amazing feedback was such a big help for me to continue to do what I love and what I’ve always loved doing all along 😃 .

Keep the suggestions coming! ☺

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App review: Nokia feel

Hello again!!!

Looooong time since I blogged here 😦 I miss my blog so much *_*

However, I’ll give you a full review of the new Nokia Feel app in it’s Beta version.

Nokia Feel:

A fun and surprising way to explore what your device can do, based on how you feel.

or as they describe it on their page:

Most devices today are very rational to use. They offer a solution based on a need, when you know what you want to do. Nokia Feel helps you discover what you can do with your device in a more spontaneous way. When you tell it how you feel, the application suggests a few things you could do. In this way, discovering the capabilities of your device can be emotional, surprising, and fun.
When you open the application you can select how you feel – are you feeling Energetic, Lucky, Lonely, Happy, Hungry, Bored, Lost, Caring or Creative? And when you have told it how you feel, the application suggests a few things you could do. 

The review:


When you download it this is how it looks like, with the name “Feel”.


When you lunch it, each time, you have to allow it to read your phone’s data. I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I can say it’s safe to allow it. However, if you don’t you wont be able to use the app.

Scr000006 Scr000007 Scr000008

When you allow it, after a moment, this is what you’re going to see (one of the screenshots of course) and you can click on the shuffle button in the lower left corner to show you more options(or moods).

Scr000009 Scr000010 Scr000011

After you choose your mood, and depending on the mood, options of what you can do show up. It gives you also app suggestions, sometimes ( I didn’t take a shot for that).


Nokia s60v5 phones. I’ve tested it on my Nokia 5800 with firmware v40 🙂

You can download it from it’s page and you must have a Nokia account for that since it’s only in Beta version :).

Final opinion:

The app is cool, it can help you discover more about your mobile (like it did with me!!). I just wish I could set the mood’s photo as a wallpaper!!! It would’ve been sweet ^_^

The only thing I somehow find bad (not that bad but disturbing if you want everything perfect like me 0_O) is that it’s slow when you start it after you allow it, but I guess this is because it’s reading the phone’s data!!! But once it starts, everything is just so smooth 😀

That’s it for now, hopefully you enjoy it and if you have anything to add I’ll be glad to update my post 🙂

See you soon 😉